Kari Vazquez

Relationship Coach & Strategist

"Love your hardest everyday,

as if it was your last."

Kari started her coaching firm, Passion 4 Visions, LLC in 2015, with a focus on transforming the lives of women, relationships, and human relations in businesses.  After 20 years of working in Corporate America and Small Family-Owned Businesses, in areas of Office/Human Resource Management and Law, she decided it was time to start impacting lives on a higher level. 


Kari’s passion for transforming lives, rebuilding marriages, families, and saving marriages from divorce; is what drives her hunger for coaching clients.  Having gone through a divorce, with 4 children, and struggling in her second marriage after having her 5th child; she knows first hand the devastation broken relationships brings.  Today her and her husband are more in love than ever before.   


Her coaching focuses on total mind, body, heart, and soul of people and businesses, in order to provide lasting transformation to her clients.  Her heart to serve has helped couples transform their marriages and women have learned how to transform their lives through her coaching. She has built HR Departments and training programs that have allowed companies to scale up and improve productivity, now she's doing it with her clients. 


In 2016 Kari started a series to help restore and rebuild marriages and relationships called, “ReCreate Your Love.”  Through the first workbook, she has helped couples and women transform themselves and their relationships. She looks forward to officially publishing her first book, “ReCreate Your Love” by Fall of 2019. This book focuses on learning to rebuild love.  It also focuses on rebuilding and recreating your own definition of love and challenges you to love in a more powerful way.  

Kari, Carlos, & Family

Kari and her husband, Carlos, were high school sweethearts and dated in high school and college.  Their relationship came to an end after distance and college schedules were challenging.  Kari went on to get married and that marriage ended in divorce after 4 kids and 10 years.  Kari and Carlos rekindled their love and got married in 2007.  Together they had a daughter that was born prematurely at 25 weeks, who miraculously today is healthy and strong. 


With 5 kids, a son-in-law, a grandson, and a few dogs throughout their marriage, they have had their fair share of challenges.  So much so, that they separated at one point and Kari filed for divorce.  The day before their divorce hearing, they decided to restore their marriage.

Today, Kari and Carlos are more in love than ever before.  They have learned with God, prayer, and faith they can manage and thrive in the challenges of life and do it in love.  Kari has been helping other people do the same – restore and rebuild their marriage.  Through coaching and training, she has been transforming relationships, saving marriages, and helping women navigate and succeed through the challenges of life and motherhood.


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