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ReCreate Your Love Course

ReCreate Your Love is an 8 week course that will help you restore your marriage or any relationship you have challenges with.  It’s full of coaching, videos, and pages filled with real-life stories, tips, guides, and lovesheets that will take your relationships to a place you’ve never journeyed before.  This course will challenge you to transform your life and your relationships, one module at a time for 8 full weeks.  

​ReCreate Your Love Course

  • Understand the foundations on which you love and why. 

  • You will learn how to rebuild/recreate your love life, even if you think it's lost. 

  • Create a guide to learn how love again, to love harder, and stronger than ever before. 

  • Set goals and reach an amazing level of love, that you thought was not possible.

"ReCreate Your Love" Book & E-Lovebook

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Available Fall 2019 

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